The commercialization of Lien Quan Mobile and PUBG Mobile is increasingly similar  


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15 de julho de 2019 05:12  

PUBG Mobile UC Lien Quan Mobile and PUBG Mobile are the two most popular mobile games in Vietnam. If Contact Military Mobile is unique in the MOBA 5v5 array and become a national game the title shooters survival by Bluehole and Tencent coordinated development is not moderate. Both of these games have been and will become a promising land for many young people who have passion want to develop a career of YouTuber Streamer or professional eSports competition. The most obvious proof is that more and more influential e-sports organizations both at home and abroad have poured a lot of money to feed Lien Quan and PUBG Mobile as well as KOL.

For mobile players we will receive an update notification when logging in to the game and for those who are playing PUBG Mobile on PC especially on Tencent Gaming Buddy you can do the following to update the game. shoot this gun.

And not only have success in the community both Lien Quan and PUBG Mobile conquer players in many classes throughPUBG Mobile Unknown Cash many useful events and features with attractive rewards. Right now people who do not recharge who have more or less loaded also feel satisfied with their choices. Will the games in other genres learn from these two "big guys" in how to distribute items?

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