Sobre o evento: 

The Best of the Year is an annual award offered by in partnership with CipSoft Gmbh. The award aims to recognize the efforts of members of the Tibian community in Brazil and the world, rewarding them with game items. The annual event is the sum of the efforts of all members of the BomDiaTibia (BDT) staff, a fansite with years of history and one of the biggest Tibia fansites in the world.

2. Who can apply: 


There will be 08 Categories and you can choose ONLY ONE per character.

Winners of the last edition (2019) ARE NOT allowed to participate in the same category as the last year.. They can only take part in a different category.

2.1 Best Fansite:  This category is exclusive for official fansite administrators, that is, those who are part of the CipSoft Fansite Program. Only administrators (contacts responsible for each site) can register.

2.2 Best YoutuberIn this category, you can subscribe if you have a YouTube channel with Tibia content. You may even have content from other games, however, Tibia should be an important part of your content. Regardless of the number of subscribers, you can subscribe your channel, as long as you observe all the rules of this contest;

2.3 Notable Player: This category is for general use, any player can register as long as they comply with all the legal parameters established on this page. Regardless of level, world and vocation, you can compete normally.

2.4 Best Streamer:  In this category, you can sign up as a regular Tibia streamer. The accepted platforms for this category are: Twitch, Youtube Gaming and Mixer. Unlike the Youtuber category, this category is dedicated to players who perform live stream and not to edited videos. If your channel is about edited videos, choose the Best Yotuber category.


2.5 New Streamer  Exclusive category for new streamers. At the moment, streamers using Twitch or Mixer will be accepted. In this category, only streamers who started their activities in 2020 or in previous years, but who have no more than 5k followers, will be able to subscribe. Realize that if you started in 2020, no matter how many followers, you are able to come in, even if you have more than 5k followers. 

2.6 Best Guild:  Category dedicated to the guilds. Only the leader can register his guild. In case of victory, only the guild leader will get the prizes described in the rules.  

2.7 Best PvP Battle (x1)  Category dedicated to pvp battle X1. If you have a video or image of your battle against another player, you can compete in that category. Only the winning player will receive the prize. The name of the character that appears in the video must be the same as registered.

2.8 Best Boss Hunter:  If you are worthy of the title of Boss Hunter, get ready to receive a big and heavy trophy. If you have images and videos of your hunts, you are already able to participate in that category. Remember that the videos must be from the year 2020. (uploaded @ youtube by the year of 2020). 

3. Deadlines and Conditions:
The registration period starts at December 18, 2020 to December 23, 2020 until 23:59 (Brasília time);
The popular voting process starts at December 25, to December 31 2020 until 23:59 (Brasília time);
The result will be released between the 1st and 2nd of January 2021.

The prizes will be delivered within 5 working days after the voting deadline. 

4. About the judging process:

As soon as the registration period expires (Item 3), the BomDiaTibia team will select the top 5 representatives from each category. As soon as this process is announced, the top five in each category will be able to start the disclosure process to solicit votes from their audience. Competitors must use their own platforms to collect votes by posting the voting link, which will be available once the registration process is complete.

5. About campaigns:

You can start your campaign as soon as you know you are among the 5 selected in a category. You must use your platforms (youtube, twitch, etc.) to ask your followers for votes. It is the popular vote that will define the big winner in each of the 5 categories. Each user can vote only once in the entire contest.

6. SPAM Policy: 

Remember that you can NOT spam the official Tibia forum to request votes. If you do it anyway, you can be punished according to the terms of the official spam policy on Tibia's official website. You can use the voting link in the game, however, do it responsibly, without sending spam on trade, chat and other channels.

7. Security Policy:

The BomDiaTibia team will be monitoring the voting logs. If we identify any fraud attempt to increase the number of votes, candidate will be removed from the voting list and prevented from participating in the next BDT competitions . Attempts at mass voting will be identified and the person responsible will be punished according to the law.

If you have any questions related to the contest, use the "Contact" option in the main menu of or send an email to [email protected] or, STILL, use our forum, which has a specific topic to clarify the doubts of participants .

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